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O'Connell Primary School, North Richmond Street, Dublin 1

Activ School Week

Check out some of the activities that have happened this week on Active School Week

Active Schools Week Activities October 2023


  • Teacher Challenge:Skipping Challenge (Ms Fennelly)
  • Homework challenge (Give out to each child today and they bring it back on friday with the activities colored in) 
  • Art Competition- Draw your favourite physical activity
  • Joe Wicks Move it Videos in class  
  • 2nds orienteering: (Included in work pack) (Walkway Addition)
  • Practice Cha-Cha slide with class as we will be doing with the school at 08:50 for wake up Wednesday. 


  • Teacher Challenge: Plank challenge (Ms Mcgettigan)
  • Homework challenge 
  • TIC-TAC TOE in the Astro 
  • 3rds Orienteering: (Included in work pack) Walkway Flags
  • Practice Cha-Cha slide with class as we will be doing with the whole school at 08:50 for Wake up Wednesday. 


  • Teacher Challenge: Balloon challenge (Mr Coyle) 
  •  Homework challenge 
  • CHA-CHA slide in yard at 10 to 9 
  • 4ths orienteering ( Included in work pack) walkway alphabetical order 


  • Teacher challenge: Steps challenge : Can you beat your teacher in how many steps they do today? 
  • Try out Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Homework challenge 
  • 5ths Orienteering (Included in work pack) walkway dictionary


  • 6th Orienteering (Included in work pack) Walkway Multiplication
  • HipHop Dance with every class

Additional Activities to try out over the week at your own time during the week…

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Active Schools Week 2022
WhatsApp Video 2022 10 11 at 7.45.23 AM
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Active week room 10
Staff vs students Match 2022
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