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O'Connell Primary School, North Richmond Street, Dublin 1

Intercultural week

23rd May 2022


To celebrate Intercultural week here in OCS we are learning about other cultures. Today we learned about origami... Origami originated in China but was popularised in Japan. In the Japanese language, 'ori' means folding and 'gami' means paper. 

Origami is known to have immense educational benefits especially in the areas of behavioral skills, cooperative learning, maths skills, cognitive developments, multicultural awareness and community development.
The boys enjoyed this experience and found it quite challenging. They have brought home their origami butterflies that we made in school today.

All this week too each class is doing a project on a particular country and room 12 are researching about Italy. We began some work today in the computer room and will continue to work hard to find out facts so that we can present this information to the rest of the school. Later in the week we will also be using the school kitchen to create some traditional Italian dishes.