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O'Connell Primary School, North Richmond Street, Dublin 1

Dress to Express

8th Mar 2022

In OCS we believe that positive mental health does not mean someone is feeling happy all the time rather that we experience a range of emotions.

We work on our well-being to feel good and strong in our minds and bodies, have energy, get along with and help others, know our strengths and feel proud because we are doing our best. Cope with the little problems and disappointments of life. Enjoy life; be grateful for what we have.

As part of our daily school routine, we use colours to identify how we may be feeling throughout the day, e.g. blue = tired, yellow = excited, green = calm or happy, red = frustrated. This inspired this year’s event to raise awareness for positive mental health and wellbeing, where everyone was invited to dress to show their emotions and Dress to Express.

Keep an eye on our website where we will post about our upcoming fundraiser to raise funds once again for Pieta House and the wonderful work they do to shine a light for those who may need it the most.